Hello World!

¡Buenos Dias Mundo! 你好世界!

	using namespace std;

	int main()
		cout << "Hello World!";
		return 0;

Just kidding. I’m a crappy programmer. I won’t force any of my past blunders and fails in the worlds of HTML, Java, or C++ on you. You’d cry for me if you knew. Go ahead and imagine the horrors a middle class child in suburban America must have gone through in her programming career so far of approximately 2 years. Alas, I am not here, and I sincerely doubt you are here, to discuss my fruitless (although a friend and I once created the game of Tetris! So maybe not so fruitless.) C++ endeavors.

The “Hello World!” still stands though. Hello Blogging World! Now, it is my turn to share my vast wisdom and infinite power strategies with the online community. Here, I shall teach you how to tie your shoes, ride a bike, and brush your hair. Everything a successful human being needs to know. (And you should trust me because, well obviously, as an unknown female located somewhere in North America, I am EXTREMELY successful as long as you define success by the number of oreos you can eat in one sitting.)

But really though, I’m pretty much head over heels for the outdoors. And I realized that when I started pursuing this passion a little more intensely and tried portaging(backpacking with a canoe through bodies of water and occasionally land), rock climbing, mountaineering, etc., I was more than a little unprepared. I’d liked to have known then what I do now.  So here’s to all the adventurous ones who revel in overcoming rocks, mountains, and challenges in general. Here’s to hoping it’s not too late and you haven’t already fallen off a ledge and landed on your later-to-be-bruised rear because you fancied yourself an Indiana Jones and tried to rappel down using a tree root. Here’s to hoping you’ll take time out of your life, because life really is an adventure, and listen to this rambling, slightly nervous young woman. Hello world because this blog’s for you 😉


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